Carolyn Theatre

Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery is the home of the beautiful “Carolyn Theatre”.

The small 80 seat Black Box theatre provides an intimate audience and performance experience. Having been the venue of choice for many local, national and international shows, the Carolyn has presented an array of talent to its community.

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Upcoming Shows For 2022


Saturday 8th October 2022 7.30pm 

For a night of Celtic folk, traditional, improvisatory, baroque, classical and new music.

About the concert


Our cultural past, our chosen path, our ancestry: How do these present for three different musicians? What does our own folk culture sound like, how do we get to know it, and where does it resonate in each of us? Can we organically cultivate our musical roots, and by doing this are we truly drawn closer to our own sense of belonging? In this program we will seek out the strains and melodies key to our own authentic pathways and throw them into stark relief in arrangements for cello, fiddle, whistle, bagpipes, and accordion.


About the musicians


Big Fiddle Little Fiddle, co-founded and directed by Louise Godwin (cello) and Jessica Foot (violin), has a reputation for joyful performances featuring eclectic fiddling styles, classical sensibilities, driving rhythms, and inventive arrangements of original compositions. The duo pushes the sonic and creative boundaries of musical traditions and practices, collaborating with a tea party of musicians from diverse backgrounds in folk, traditional, improvisatory, baroque, classical and new music.


In this concert, Jess and Louise are joined by Warrnambool-based musician and music teacher, Merran Moir (whistle, small pipes, accordion). With her background steeped in traditional Scottish music, Merran’s musical presence is woven of personal stories and experiences. We invite audiences to join us in experiencing this warm, poignant and joyous musical collaboration.


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